Media Player Classic

Media Player Classic Version Free

The simple and lean media player without unnecessary effects

Media Player Classic is a simple and compact media player that works with the speed of light and is free of advanced features you don't use anyway.
Both its main advantage and shortcoming are in what it doesn’t include. There's no built in codec support, so if you're playing less common formats that you've downloaded off some god forsaken website somewhere in the Internet, you'll have to separately download a package of codecs that will enable you to play these files. There aren’t any featured advanced recording and editing capabilities offered by some of the other players, such as VLC, or by audio and video editing software programs. There are no tools available for converting files between formats and its design capabilities are limited at best.
Due to what it lacks, there's so much in it
As a matter of fact, thanks to all those things the player doesn’t include, those codecs that most people will be unable to explain what they are, or the advanced file conversion functions which few people use (I've just wanted to play this movie and ended up downloading a hundred megabyte movie editing software program) this player is such a great one.
You'll certainly be able to play DVDs (and even view subtitles), and even speed up or slow down viewings. You'll be able to listen to playlists, use filters on songs, set hotkeys, and use other more "advanced" features.
The player's greatest advantage was, and still remains, its compact size and simple interface. You may be surprised to learn that there are still places on Earth where browsing speeds are low, where Internet connections come expensive, and where the ability to download a compact and simple media player, is very significant.
Users come first